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Nome do aplicativoAndromeda: Rebirth of Humanity
CategoriaJogos, Estratégia
Nome do pacotecom.NullReferenceGames.Andromeda
NOTA 4 ( 18)
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ExigênciaAndroid 4.4+

Description of Andromeda: Rebirth of Humanity

(Available in English Only!)

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Andromeda isn’t like most other games, it has been slowly developed by one person for years now, and the direction it has taken has been constantly shaped by feedback and ideas from users to make it what it is today.

It is a constant work in progress.

It’s not super fast paced. You can’t really pick it up for an hour and get much out of it. It’s intended to be a digital universe in your pocket with its own virtual economy and a community of people that will probably be around for awhile.

To be clear though, it’s not an idle clicker game, it does take thought and strategy to succeed.

It is heavily economy oriented, with an emphasis on colonizing entire solar systems full of planets and building structures on them to generate resources over time, making it a bit of a mix of a 4X space game (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate), Universe Simulator, and a Tycoon game.

Fleet battles are 1v1, so while you can’t be in the same fight with a friend, you can help defend your friend’s territory from attacks by leaving your fleet in orbit over their planet.

O universo é persistente, então qualquer coisa ganha é mantida, permitindo que você construa um grande império interestelar ao longo do tempo.

Gameplay –

* Play as an interstellar Corporation that warps to the safety of the Andromeda Galaxy to escape an alien invasion of Earth and The Milky Way.

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* Build up an economy by constructing and upgrading habitats for workers, solar arrays for power, resorts for tourists, mines and refineries for metals, and much more.

* Hire a Stellar Representative that levels up and gains perk points that can be used to boost the efficiency all the planets in a solar system.

* Use the resources you’ve harvested from your planets to build ships and outfit them with weapons and support modules.

* Create colony ships to expand your Corporation to even more planets and moons.

* Terraform your planets to make them more habitable for your Workers and Tourists by altering the planet’s Temperature, Water Level and Pollution.

* Form fleets of up to 12 ships and retake Earth, Mars and the rest of Sol from the aliens known as “Strith”, or fight against other players and take their planets.

* Not into PvP? The game is fully playable without going into the open PvP areas, although you’d run out of content much faster.

* Trade with other players for credits, resources, ships, weapons and support modules, or use the Bazaar to leave orders to buy or sell resources while your offline.

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* Forme alianças com outros jogadores e trabalhe em conjunto.

Fleet Battles –

Leave a fleet in orbit over a planet to protect it from other players while you’re away.

Os navios disparam automaticamente em alvos com armas básicas, como armas de fogo e lasers.

Players have control over unique abilities such as Nuke, EMP, Prism Gel, Draw Fire, Focus Fire, Repair Beam and Shield Beam making fleet composition and strategy important.

Contrate um comandante de frota que sobe de nível a partir de batalhas de frota e ganha pontos que podem desbloquear regalias que aumentam todos os navios de sua frota.

Land Battles –

Build defenses on the surface of your planets as a second layer of defense against other players that takes a lot longer to destroy than a fleet.

Fill up troop transport ships and enter orbit of another player’s planet to land your troops and invade it.

Price, Ads and Micro-transactions –

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* Todo o conteúdo estará disponível para todos os usuários sem pagar um centavo. Para sempre.

* Somente anúncios opcionais.

* Usa o sistema de micro transações menos invasivo que posso imaginar.

As microtransações podem comprar uma coisa: Cristais do Tempo.

Time Crystals can be used to skip building and repair timers, painting ships, buying cosmetic holograms, or re-rolling resources on a planet slot. Time crystals can also be occasionally obtained as in-game loot, or from a rewarded video ad.

Os cronômetros de construção nunca são loucos por muito tempo, forçando você a comprar cristais de tempo, até 1 hora para os melhores navios.

Apple and Steam releases are planned.

Major bugfixing, optimization and quality of life improvements.

“Credits Booster” changed to “Growth + Education Booster” since the credit booster is kind of obsolete now. (Growth includes Workers + Tourists)

Repair all ships and Un-mothball all ships in a fleet buttons added.

Military budget now shown on various screens where an upkeep requirement is shown.

Piracy percent of original build cost given to the pirate upped from 25% to 75% to make piracy more feasible.